Turtle Farm


Turtle Farm is Cayman’s premier attraction featuring the world-famous Cayman Turtle Farm as well as a predator tank, two snorkel lagoons, beautiful free-flight bird aviary, Caymanian street complete with porch side artisans, nature trail, Education Centre, shopping kiosks, two restaurants, and a 3,500 square foot Retail Shop. Boatswain’s Beach celebrates Caymanians’ stewardship of the seas and relationship with nature through tactile, colorful, educational and memorable experiences. The park allows visitors to experience the rich history of Caymanian life in a fun and safe environment while providing opportunities to observe and interact with native flora and fauna. For more information go to |


Tortuga Rum factory


Tortuga Rum factory Visit Cayman’s very own Tortuga Rum Company and view how they make the world famous rum cake and try samples of this delicious delicacy. There are two locations, one at North Sound Road and the other is in West Bay beside the Boatswain Beach. Tortuga rum cakes have made their mark and have been featured on national television shows such as The Today Show and MSNBC. Besides their renowned rum cakes ranging from chocolate to rum and raisin and regular flavours, Tortuga Rum Factory and its stores also sell cookbooks, fudge, jellies, sauces and honeys as well as gourmet coffees and of course rum!Rum tasting is done at the North Sound Road location. Tortuga Rum Factory is located near the airport with various other locations in West Bay and George Town.For more information go to www.tortugarums.comCayman


Rum Point


Rum Point If you want a place to unwind and relax on a point of sandy white beaches surrounded by beach cottages and absolute seclusion, then take a drive up to Rum Point located on the North side of the island. Whether you want to go by boat or just take a scenic road trip, the time it takes to get to Rum Point is truly worth the wait. There you can either grab a mudslide and relax in the water at the Rum Point Club where food and drinks are served daily or take a stroll a mile down the road to the Kaibo Yacht Club and experience a taste of the Big Easy right on the beach. For more information on how to get to Rum Point ask the front desk.


Pirates Week


Pirates Week Pirates Week is an 11-day “fun for all” festival that launches at George Town Harbour with a mock pirate invasion. But it’s not all madness and mayhem! Heritage Days showcase the Cayman culture of yesteryear in different districts across the country. Events include a 20-minute fireworks show, a street parade, night time street dances, an underwater treasure hunt, a kids’ day, and a variety of sports competitions.There’s something for everyone and a lot of the activities are free of charge.For more information on this fall festival, go to


Pedro St. James


Pedro St. James Live the true Cayman Experience at the national historic site of the Cayman Islands. As a living heritage museum and the birthplace of democracy in the Cayman Islands, Pedro St. James is a lovingly restored window into the past located on 7 landscaped acres by the sea. Begin your visit to the 18th century in a 21st century computer-controlled, multi-sensory 3-D theatre that will engage all of your senses as the tale of Pedro St. James and the Cayman Islands artfully un folds around you. Then stroll through the massive, 3-storey Great House on a guided tour to learn how life was lived in the 18th century as you peek into a traditional Caymanian “cook room”, examine authentic workmen’s tools, and explore rooms filled with antique treasures. Visit the new Hurricane Ivan Memorial before treating yourself to Café Pedro’s award-winning traditional cuisine and modern refreshments. Open daily from 9 to 5.


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Opened in 1994


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park Opened in 1994, Cayman’s Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park has already gained an international reputation as a premier tropical show garden, featuring botanical displays, colour gardens, nature walks and natural wetlands. Approximately 50% of Grand Cayman’s native plants can be found naturally in the sprawling 65-acre property which is also home to a variety of wildlife including native and migratory birds, many of them visible in the trails and gardens. Stroll between stone walls to the Heritage Garden with its old-time Caymanian home and sand garden; or take in the Floral Colour Garden with horticultural plantings from throughout the tropics. Shut the world out on the Woodland Walking Trail among towering trees and fragile ferns, or simply sit and be one with nature. A natural soothing, tropical refuge, yours to enjoy


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling with Ambassador Divers


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling with Ambassador Divers. Click here to Book your Dive Package today! The Cayman Islands are rated in the top 3 dive destinations in the world. With over 100 dive spots, Grand Cayman is home to dive sites such as the Grand Canyon located near Rum Point with depths of about 70 feet, the North Wall located along the North West point as well as The Wreck of Cali and Eden Rock located in George Town. Where better to learn to dive than in Cayman’s 80 degree crystal clear waters. If diving isn’t for you and you still want to experience the island’s marine life you can always opt for snorkeling at sites such as Cemetery Beach in West Bay or Smith Cove in South Sound where you can view beautiful coral and tropical fish. Enquire at our Front Desk about local dive operators or email in advance about our special Dive Package rates.


Stingray City with Ambassador Divers


Stingray City with Ambassador Divers. Grand Cayman is the home of the world famous Stingray City and Sandbar. This is the only place in the world where you can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, interact with and feed stingrays. Stingray City is located in North Sound and is a prime snorkel spot to view coral reefs, tropical fish and of course stingrays! Just a few feet away from Stingray City is the sandbar where you can also swim with the stingrays in just a few feet of water. Enquire at our Front Desk for excursions.

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The Cayman Islands with Comfort Suites


The Cayman Islands with Comfort Suites as your base, you’ll never be short of, or far from things to do in the Cayman Islands. World-class scuba diving, snorkeling, and sailing are just the beginning of your Islands’ adventure. The Islands’ history is rich in exotic detail, as our Museums, Botanic Park and National Trust clearly demonstrate. So whether it’s a trip under the sea to feed the stingrays, an excursion to the Turtle Farm for a hands-on experience of one of nature’s most inspiring miracles, or a journey into the past to revisit the first landing by Christopher Columbus, a feast for the senses-and-sensibilities awaits.